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"Robin is truly your best advocate! Her enthusiasm, kindness, and knowledge helped me bring positive changes into my life. I’m empowered by data about how food, exercise, and meditation affects my body. And I wake up every day and think about my wellness goals, knowing my joy is ‘empowered joy’!"

Carissa J.



Mini courses, ebooks, guides, and bundles to kickstart, invigorate, and inspire your wellness journey



Heal From

Heal from physical, mental, and emotional burnout with my comprehensive self-study courses



Personalized Coaching

Transform from bloated and sluggish to radiant and energized with Robin's curated 8-week wellness program 


"Robin holds me accountable and knows when to be empathetic, firm, structured or flexible."

"Her flows vary with creativity that’s fun and interesting without being intimidating, and she helped me modify to work around an injury. I’ve also added healthy food habits to my daily routine that make me feel a whole lot better."

• Rosabel T.

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Jumpstart your journey to optimal health with the...

Optimal You Bite-Sized Bundle

ONLY $22

Increase energy, balance your hormones, and improve digestion with this done-for-you wellness plan!

Includes a grocery list with the healthiest foods for your hormones, 15 simple and delicious recipes, plus five short ‘n’ sweet yoga practices (under 20 minutes!) to jumpstart your journey to optimal health.

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Elevate your healthy cooking game with...

Robin's Energy Boosting Recipe E-Book

ONLY $33

Over 60 pages filled with delicious 'n' nutritious recipes that will satisfy your taste buds AND keep your energy levels stable.

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burnout to bliss rpbin wilner health and wellness coaching detox coach yoga teacher

Yoga Flow Foundations Series

Slow ‘n’ steady sessions to get you comfortable with postures, breathwork, and safe transitions so you can launch into (or return to) a yoga practice with confidence and ease. Perfect for beginners!

burnout to bliss rpbin wilner health and wellness coaching detox coach yoga teacher

7-Day Chakra Challenge

On-Demand Yoga Course

Balance your body's seven chakras (energy centers) to reduce stress and enhance ease

✔ Reset your nervous system in seven days with yoga + meditation practices

✔ Improve mood, mindset, sleep, digestion, focus, and overall energy

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Burnout To Bliss

14-Day Online Course

Alleviate mental, emotional, and physical burnout and get back your energy and vibrance!

 Create a healthy mindset, sync with your body's natural biorhythm, and develop self-care rituals

✔ Learn to use food as medicine to heal adrenal fatigue and burnout

 Go at your own pace or stay within the suggested 14 days for maximum results!

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optimal you cleanse coaching program robin wilner detox wellness for women
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Optimal You Cleanse

8-Week Coaching Program

 Transform your whole system from bloated, sluggish, and stressed to radiant, energized, and blissful

  Receive nutrition guidance, yoga, and mindfulness practices, plus an individualized food plan to ensure you follow the path that’s best for YOUR unique needs and long-term health.

Includes (8) weekly coaching sessions: virtual, 60 minutes each

 Lifetime access to The Optimal You Cleanse on-demand course materials

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On-Demand Yoga Classes

Available for Rent

Wanna get sweaty & soulful? Join me from home anytime:

Soulful Flow

Soulful and spiritually-cleansing Vinyasa classes with intentional, dynamic movement and inspirational themes.

Yummy Yin Flow

Delicious, nurturing, slow, and steady Yin classes to nourish your spirit, calm your mind, and hydrate your fascia.

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The Optimal You Bite-Sized
Bundle - $22

Increase energy, balance your hormones, and improve digestion with your 5-day wellness plan! Includes a list of the best foods for your hormones, 15 simple and healthy recipes, plus five short ‘n’ sweet yoga practices.

Robin's Energy Boosting Recipe E-Book - $33

Elevate your healthy cooking game & vibrance with Robin's Recipe E-Book: over 60 pages filled with delicious 'n' nutritious recipes that will satisfy your taste buds AND keep your energy levels stable.

Yoga Flow Foundations
Course - $44

New to yoga? These slow ‘n’ steady sessions will break down postures, breathwork, and safe transitions so you can launch into a yoga practice with confidence and ease. Perfect for beginners!

7-Day Chakra Challenge - $44

Ready to recharge your body, declutter your mind, and revive your spirit? Enjoy seven pre-recorded yoga classes and meditations uniquely designed to balance your body's energy centers (chakras) and reset your nervous system in just one week!

Burnout To Bliss - $222

Feeling physically, mentally, and emotionally drained? In this self-guided course, you’ll learn the tools to relieve your symptoms with nature’s medicine. Go from feeling wiped out to blissed out in 14 days!

Personalized Nutrition Coaching

Want a customized wellness plan to relieve symptoms and bring back that 20-something glow? Work with Robin 1:1, where she’ll teach you to choose the right foods for your female body, detox naturally, and use your biochemistry as your healing superpower.



"Robin's teachings are engaging, accessible, and help me feel relief from stress. If you’re exhausted, unsure how to fuel your body, overwhelmed with stress, or want to learn how to reconnect with yourself to live your best life, Robin’s courses are for you!"


"Robin's warmth and bright energy gives me a strong sense of confidence. She has shown me how food and movement truly are medicine. I reached out during a health scare to find ways that yoga and food could help support my treatment. Her practical tips set context around what my body was going through."


"After Robin's series of classes, I’m challenged in all the right ways. I love that I can fit in a practice between meetings and feel infinitely better. Her teaching style is fun and playful, engaging and motivating."


Not sure where to start?


Get the Optimal You Bite-Sized Bundle to kickstart your wellness journey: